If I´m your baby – Touch Me!

I need your touch in a way you might never understand.
Don´t just wash me, change my diapers and feed me.
Kiss me on my face and caress my body.
And talk with your soft voice.
Your calm touch and your soft voice gives me secutity and love.
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If I´m your child – Touch Me!
Even when I´m wicked and also make a distance from you.
Don´t give up one me! Find a way so you can for fill my needs.
I need your lovely hug when I´m going to bed, it´s helps me to sleep.
Your daily touch tells me how much you really love me.

If I´m your teenager – Touch Me!
Don´t you think, because I´m almost an adult, that I don´t
need your loving arms around me, I need a gently voice too.
When my life is storming and my hormons are jumping,
the child within me still have it´s needs, Touch Me!

If I´m your friend -
Touch Me!

A warm hug from you shows thast you like me.
A touch of healing from you when I feeling down means that I´m loved.
It also makes me sure, I´m not alone. I´ve someone to show all my emotions.
Your touch could mean the world for me, cause that touch could be the only one.

If I´m life partner -
Touch Me!

You might think, your passion is enough but just put your arms around me and hold me.
It will keep me safe and away from all fear.
I need your soft voice telling me - I love you, I will feel loved.
I need to feel your warm hands and your soft lips touching me - I know now,
You love me just the way I´m!

If I´m your grown up child -
Touch Me!

Even if I have my own family to care of -
I still need my mothers and fathers arms around me,
especially when I´m felling week. As a parant I can see things
clearer and in a diffrenet way, I understand and appreciate it even more.

If I´am your aging parent -
Touch me

As I touched you when you were little, I would love the same touch. Hold my hand, sit close to me, give me strength, caress my cheek. And warm my tired body with your nearness. Even though my skin is so wrinkled I still like it to be caressed. So don't be a afraid - Touch me!