Mental mediumship 

A mental medium, works with the spirit world by communicating visions, pictures, smell, hearing, physical feelings in your body and emotions.  You could almost say that you become a specialist in rebuses. It may not be complete sentences when you are in linking with the spirit world. Mental mediumship is when the medium is using there own mind but the communicators own thoughts are there impressed upon them. A mental medium is working to provide concrete proof that the spirit world exists, and then follow up with messages when the client can accept the Spirit person. 

Physical mediumship

A physical medium - Is a tool for the spirit world to enable them to manifest through the voice or through ectoplasm. All participants in a physical seance or circle can see and hear the spirit world without actually being a developed medium.
Physical mediumship can take many years to develop and it is not the person that determines whether the medium can be physical medium, it is the spirit world that chooses people who are suitable for this.

Trance mediumship

The medium allows the spirit world, to borrow a big part of the medium's bodily functions to make themselves known. Trance mediumship requires extensive experience and should never be exercised in solitude. When in trance and working, you should never touch the medium or try to bring the medium out of trance as this may damage the them mentally and physically. When a trance medium starts working it is often the medium's own guide which makes themselves known initially. Then other communicators from the other side could get through. It could be loved ones making themselves known.

In the case of light or deep trance, a mediums voice, character and vocabulary can change..The voice may sound strikingly similar to the voice the person had when they lived on earth.
If the communicator is a child, the mediums voice could sound like a childs.
During a trance circle several communicators may come through. Often they sound very different, but it can also be the same voice coming back for several sessions. The Trance medium's facial features and gestures could adopt a clear similarity to how the communicator still looks, this is called transfiguration.
Transfiguration is attributed when the communicator has overshadowed the medium. What happens is that ectoplasm is built up in front of the mediums face. It could be possible to see your near and dear ones.
A direct translation of trance mediiumship is: direct contact from the spirit world without our own thoughts interfering. In other words, they are no errors and all that is said is 100% accurate. It takes a long time to develop trance mediumship and there are very few serious and dedicated trancemediums.

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